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Elite-Energy is a Canadian company born from a joint partnership. From the beginning, Elite-Energy has had as a corporate goal to create a new and innovative approach to the area of renewable energy. Our mission is to design an isolated, solid, yet mobile vessel in order to offer stand-alone refrigeration solutions, which would be the new standard for the industry yet inexpensive for our clients.

Our team of professionals and highly qualified specialists has combined their skills and their knowledge in order to offer a quality product at the cutting edge of technology.

Even today, the only way to offer remote regions consistent access to food and perishable products is to approach the area of refrigeration and air conditioning with a renewable energy solution. We at Elite-Energy are the solution!

Elite-Energy has developed systems to serve the industry in every area from events, housing temperature controls, mobile systems serving communities ravaged by disaster, agricultural needs and health care systems – every one of these factors are affected by the need for correct temperature controls for the preservation of food, resources and medical products.

Elite-Energy took as its challenge to overcome the current limits of the urban electrical networks and their resulting costs. Our mobile solution provides an opportunity for self-sufficient feeding while using green energy and becoming a self-sufficient entity. The result of our work and innovative drive is to provide a positive economic result while not forgetting our desire to create intelligent solutions with humanitarian and environmental protections. Our products are always driven by our mission to offer innovation, which is truly beneficial for the well being of all.

The main objective of Elite-Energy is to offer the best solutions for our clients. Building upon research, innovation and development, Elite-Energy has a mandate to be a competitive partner in the areas of refrigeration, air conditioning and its applications. Elite-Energy is involved in constant investigation and research in order to develop the solutions our clients require and direct their integration.

Elite-Energy always searches for the cutting edge developments and research, which would offer better performance/product for the client. We take into consideration all options and research at the technical level; we analyze and test them, in order to be the best reference in the field. Our company vision is to carry out ongoing research, development and innovation as we seek to offer our clients the best solutions possible.

Customer satisfaction is the definition of our business itself. Clear and consistent communication and a working partnership with suppliers is therefore essential. Your success is the goal of Elite-Energy. The value of this company is not based upon numbers or dollars, but rather on the quality of service. We want to create a result worthy of the name Elite-Energy and worthy of our client’s respect.