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Our Containers

Elite-Energy offers various possibilities. That is for the design, the convenience, the performance or its accessories. Where the sun shines, Elite-Energy is the solution.

Specifications of the Containers

Container with storage of 12 m3 to 16 m 3
Insulation urethane with a thickness of 150 mm
Solar Modules in crystalline silicon 250 wc
Condensing Unit compact mounted vertically
Electronic temperature controller and defrost all can be controlled by wi-fi
Adjust the desired temperature and the time of operation of the group of cold
Solar Panels modular rapid assembly
Possibility to hybrid System: Solar/ Generators
Revolving door with lock and inner opening of safety hinge to ramps facilitating the closure
Curtain to biltong
Batteries battery life of 60 hours, (without sun) loaded on 24 volts dc
LED Interior lighting
Intelligent system on Wi-Fi system for real-time display of the consumption / absorption
of energy generated by the photovoltaic system (solar panels) System of surveillance cameras in real time with hard disk, memory (wi-fi) for registration
of 30 days, with the possibility of superior performance in option
Motion Detector to light system for maximum security

Elite-Energy approaches each project by examining every aspect of the client’s needs: this may mean rethinking the technology, reworking the project to provide a more competitive pricing, examining the mobilization of the site and the transportation solutions. Our professionals will carry out the installation to ensure optimum performance, which will meet your expectations. In addition, customer service and technical support are available during working days/hours.

In order to offer a quality service worthy of Elite-Energy it must be noted that a plenary expertise of the region covered is essential in order to provide optimum performance of the container. The building requires a sufficient solar presence commensurate with the duration of maximum autonomy of energy proposed.

All accessories are certified by their manufacturer
All materials used in the design of your container shall comply with the quality standards in force
Solar Modules with a guarantee of 25 years of production
Warranty of 12 years on the solar parts with possibility of extension of warranty up to 20 years
Warranty of 1 year on the refrigeration unit and cold room